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Yet another Artist involved in art projects! Maxine Chiohn has been invited to participate with Zai Kunning and his performance piece with FOI

dear all,

i hope this email finds you well… please do come for this event if you can make it. some of us will be painting/drawing, while i will be collaborating with urich on a video piece. “a closed door” will be held between 2-4pm this thursday at sculpture square, and all audience members will have to register at

have a lovely day ahead and we hope to see you there tomorrow…


A CLOSED DOOR – An invitation

Headed by: Zai Kuning and Urich Lau

Date: 13 Nov 2008

Venue: Sculpture Square.155 Middle Road, S(188977)

Time: 2pm to 4pm

NO late-comers

Part of Future Of Imagination 5.

(Main organisers of FOI5: Jason Lim and Lee Wen)

Figure drawing is a common practice among many an artist and art student, especially in the studios of art academies. Some have also carried on the tradition even after having passed the phase of academic requirements, as they enter into professional practice. While the nude model takes on various poses, the observer explores this live human figure through a visual interplay of forms, shapes, lines and shadows. Such exercises are usually done behind closed doors.

A Closed Door is a workshop, an invitation to investigate the norms of such a practice. One of the concerns is how an injection of varied musical styles can influence the way we perceive and interpret the naked body. Participating artists are not limited to drawing as their medium of study.

Zai Kuning’s statement:

FOI5 is a performance art event. One of my desires is to work with several artists whom I know and have attracted me to their creative impulses. For me, they make up the fibers of our local arts scene. This project also stems from a need to collaborate and communicate with artists whom I have already been acquainted with for several years. One of the ideas is to orchestrate a kind of ‘set up’ where we can exercise the pleasures and discomforts of questioning.

Life drawing came into my mind partly because such an exercise is what most artists have gone through (regardless of whether they like it or not) in an art institution. I think that this venue and event would provide the perfect environment in which we would be free to investigate, document, interpret and express our ideas, making life drawing and performance art the very subjects to be re-examined. This does not imply a return to academia, rather it is a revisitation of the culture of observation, concentration, silence and performativity. Some classes do play CDs as background noise as silence can be intolerable for both artist and model. I find that music inspires them to contemplate another form of silence and for that reason, I intend to play music for the whole session.

This proposal and invitation (to artists and audiences) is not only to challenge the preconceived notions of life drawing, but also to rethink the assumptions and forms of performance art. All participating artists have agreed upon a series of works following the inaugural session on the 13th of November, till we produce something worth being presented in an exhibition sometime next year. I hope that many of you would be drawn to being a witness at this event. To observe those who observe.

Audience members would have to register at

Individuals under 18 years of age may not register.

Live music

Zai Kuning (gongs, drum, vocals and guitar)

Special Guest Maestro Helmut Lemke ( cello and violin) – Germany/England

This event is a work-in-progress and will be featured in an exhibition at a later stage.

Photography and video recordings are not allowed.

All FOI artists are encouraged to join us as participants.

Participating artists

Michael Ong

Ezzam Rahman

Rizman Putra

Kai Lam

Jeremy Hiah

Juliana Yasin

Lee Pheng Guan

Charmaine Oon


Jennifer Lam Ka Yan

Cheo Chai-Hiang

Maxine Chionh

Zai Kuning

Urich lau

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Impulsive, obsessive-compulsive, and potentially psychic.

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