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Artist Feature: Farhan ‘Azrafael’ Razak

Farhan ‘Azrafael’ Razak
Email: azrafael[at]

Farhan ‘Azrafael’ Razak is a Singaporean who grew up in the island state and shares a close relationship with the ever changing times and records the present as seen through the lens conveyed with his thoughts.

His conviction to keep his photography unique in its form probably lets his viewers over the years identify it as his signature style.

Unlike most photographer artists, his technical skills were derived from self-taught sessions online and through discussions with other fellow enthusiasts.

What started out as a hobby as a child, began as a pursuit to express through a medium he can control only in its functions but not of the random scenes just as how he utilizes the body in a world of random actions beyond his control.

Artist Statement
Ranging from architectural facades, street scenes, conceptual and sometimes the surreal has made my works are synonymous to my tag line ‘Flâneur Fotografi’; which basically means aimless photography with each shot is in its own splendor.

Photography is something that I truly enjoy performing as an art form and also as a hobby. I abstain from the digital methodologies other than the scanning of the processed film for the online showcase as I dwell more on the classic art form of film photography aesthetics.

Photography is a tool I began using to voice out thoughts through images captured in spontaneous actions. Street scenes were a common sight mostly depicting people and lifeless objects and surroundings with contrasting themes.

Conveying thoughts through images with words of short and concise relative themes were the ingredients of my creativity and such methodology weren’t always well received by the general public as they are used to ‘eye-candy’ photographs.

I want to invoke the viewer with my works, to be free from inhibitions as they look through the imagery. Be filled with senses and to question themselves.

Creative redundancy is a waste of a thinking mind.

Sample Artworks

Title: En bloc blues
Year: Early 2008

Title: A Way Out
Year: Mid 2007

Title: Daily Grind
Year: late 2007

Title: Detached
Year: Late 2005

Title: One Shall Defy
Year: Late 2004

About isk

Impulsive, obsessive-compulsive, and potentially psychic.

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