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Featured Artist: Aidah Rauf

“After 7 years of tertiary education in photography, I can fairly conclude that life experiences are what matters to what I photograph. It all starts off as something personal, but it’ll gradually evolve into something bigger, something relatable to the masses… something so beautiful that one can actually feel its textures.”

Nuraidah Rauf is a graduate from NTU School of Art, Design and Media, with a Bachelors Degree (with Honors) in Photography and Media. Currently, she works as part of the Photojournalist team for the Straits Times.

This budding photographer specialises in urban landscapes and considers everything around her to be art. “From the art of thinking, the art of walking, the art of talking — there’s art in every single thing around us.” This may relate to what inspires her. When posed this question, she replied a seemingly mundane but reflectively poignant answer, “Short conversations with random people.”

Growing up in a family of artists, it is no wonder that this bespectacled photographer has her artistic flair ingrained within. Her mother was an avid portrait painter and her father used to photograph his family over dinners as well as taking official portraits of them.

Her seminal work there’s something in nothing consists of a series of close-ups — from building exteriors to a garbage dump to a dead bird on a dirt road.

“It started off with just facades of buildings but then it came back to how fascinated I am by details; thus the abstraction of these facades and making them look somewhat like a painting.

It can be deciphered in a million ways but to me, it reflects the society we live in. The need for perfection, Botox, cleanliness, posture, etc… It’s all a facade. But behind those ‘brick walls’ we put up everyday, there’s the truth of grime and flaw.

My photographs confront the viewer on what these walls might be. It’s perfection lost through age, wear and tear.”

There are several difficulties that she faced as a budding artist. The main gripe for her are the arrogance that emanates from other artists, the need to always be on top, and the insincerity behind the act of sharing.

She never considered doing anything else besides photography. When asked about her future plans, Aidah has this to say: “I live for today. Tomorrow might bring me elsewhere.”

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