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An interview on Rubbish is P(art) of Us – by Justine Lai Hui Lin

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Justine Lai, a 2nd-year student at Curtin Singapore majoring in Marketing and Public Relations interviewed SCYA on our Green Art project.

Here are our replies to her questions:

1. SCYA has been around for 3 years now. How many projects & exhibitions has SCYA approximately engaged in or conducted so far? Are there any popular events that most Singaporeans would know of?

Thanks for noticing we have been around for 3 years. Officially as a Society, we have run SCYA for 1 year. Our projects come in randomly but usually we have something on every 3 months to a year. So far we have organised about 10 shows and 3 artists group talks/workshops for schools. We have also done a commissioned project for Nandos and hope to have more commissioned projects in the future years. I would say the popular events that SCYA has curated and organised so far are: Food & Obsession (Nataliette’s solo show), IMPRINTS (NHB show), Back to Nostalgia (LEFTFOOT event) and a performance event held as part of SAM/8Q Open House. The opening for Rubbish is P(art) of Us is this Friday so we hope we will have a good turn up as well!

2. Which artists has SCYA collaborated with?

We have collaborated with tons of artists who can be found all on our website at
Have a look!

3. What had made SCYA decided to organize this Green Art Exhibition?

SCYA is a registered society and as we work with other art organisations, museums, galleries, corporations… We also want to give something back to our nearby community, the heart of Singapore and its people. As we are now residents in Goodman Art Centre, we wish to connect more with the Singaporeans who live near us and share/enjoy the experience of art and culture. We want to reach out to residents through eco-friendly engagements and to create awareness of how everyday materials can be turned into works of art.

4. It must have been tiring to conduct requests and collect waste packages from Mountbatten residents. How long has SCYA prepared for this exhibition?

The whole process took us about 5 months from conceptualising to writing the proposal, press release, publicity, community engagement, speaking to the residents, collecting the materials, setting up the show to waiting for our Studio/Gallery to open up and host the exhibition in November!

5. Were there any difficulties that you all met with during the preparation?

The difficult part was transporting the materials collected from the residents to our place but we managed to get a cab who could gather both all of us and the materials back to our studio!

6. It was mentioned that this exhibition will showcase two pieces of installation/collage artwork. Care to share what type of artwork will it be? :)

We wouldn’t want to say much but it is a simple craft work to show how recycling can be applied in art; to breathe new life into unwanted materials.

7. With the exhibition less than a week away, how are you guys feeling? Excited? :)

Yes! We are very excited about the opening and we wonder what kind of conversations about nature, community engagement & the arts will follow.

8. Will there be any prominent or familiar faces that will be spotted gracing the event?

Our RSVPs thus far are from the usual arts and culture community so I would think some of the arts community people would come to the opening. We have also some Ministers coming for the exhibition but not on the opening date unfortunately!

9. What does SCYA hope to gain or achieve through and after this event?

We want to continue working with the community around Mountbatten to discuss on environmentally friendly changes in our lifestyles and approaches in art where we can create workshops and more exhibitions for and with the people.

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Singapore Contemporary Young Artists Project (SCYA) is a non-profit Art Society that highlights Contemporary Art by Young Artists in Singapore through several platforms in exhibitions, websites, talks, workshops & commissioned services. SCYA was initiated by Jacquelyn Soo who is an artist, curator and director for SCYA. SCYA has over 10 members in the society contributing ideas, activities to support the organisation. SCYA represents up to 70 Singaporean/PR Artists in their works. SCYA launched their first project in Nov 2008 with a website collaboration with FIVEFOOTWAY that featured 23 Contemporary Young Artists Portfolios on an interactive website. Since then, SCYA have had several collaborations and events organised with corporations, government institutions, NGOS and education institutions, Please visit our website for more details: Like us on Facebook! Thank you!

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