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SCYA Interviews Safrie Effendi, Artist Feature of the Month (May)

Safrie’s works are a culmination of east and west tattoo art and Javanese traditional art. His dedication to expressing through story telling resulted in a 1.5 meter x 10 meter scroll,  which was prominently featured by  LASALLE College of the Arts for the final year student graduation show. Having lived in the US for some years, he draws and illustrate his inspiration from his travels and life in different countries. Safrie’s works depict spirituality and has a strong interest in music too. Safrie works as a full-time artist and musician. He has exhibited in numerous shows. SCYA talks to him more about his works and what gets him tuned into the arts.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Saf, born in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m a full time fine art artist/designer and DJ. I’ve travelled a lot since I was a kid. And after I got done with high school, for the third time I ended up again in the States. This time I came for studies at the Savannah College of the Arts and Designs ( which was my first time studying in an art university, and I majored in Broadcast/Multimedia Design.

After living for almost seven years in the States, I moved to Singapore. Here I pursued more studies in the arts and majored in Fine Arts. That’s why I came to Lasalle College of the Arts. I got done with that as well and here I am now, trying to do my best for the things I love which is art and music.

2. How did art get into your life? What kind of artist are you?

As a child with divorced parents, I was brought up by my aunt and spent my time in front of the television watching cartoons and the early MTV shows but my aunt would always give me blank drawing papers, color pencils and crayons. It was then that my dear aunt inadvertently planted the seed of creativity that slowly began to hatch from inside of me.

That was the very beginning of my lifelong passion of creative expression. I remember when I was three years old back then when all this started to happen and merge.

What kind of artist am I? Oh wow.. man.. how am I gonna describe this one..haha you know..I’ve always been fascinated with ancient art. Like, when the alphabet letters were not invented yet and where mankind tell stories of their lives in this world  through paintings, sculptures,  different s of hieroglyphics, etc. Also through the representation of characters in mythology.

My art involves and revolves around that zone, not particularly the same… but it’s in the genre. In my case: I have always been observant as I ride along these experiences, the issues and satisfactions in my life and life itself that I face partly influence my artworks. Traveling is the key to enriching knowledge which I will never stop doing and the experiences of living in other cultures somehow or another make its way into my artworks and the way I perceive things.

In conclusion, one’s interests and passion that influences one’s artwork will always be ever-changing as we potter along the years ahead.

3 .Who or what is your inspiration? 

I have so many Artists that I really look up 2..such as: Alex Grey, Stanislaw Brzezinski, Alex Pardee Mike Giant, HR Giger, Ricky Mcgee, Zack Spurlock, DAIM, as well: Albrecht Durer, Hans Baldung, Michelangelo, Hieronymus Bosch, and many more.

And what can play a role as my inspiration as well.  such as desperation, salvation, also sadness and happiness..all that aspects do inspire me lots of time. meaning.. my life itself..most of the time I draw/make artworks, just because i need to let out the feeling I feel at the moment. just like writing a diary. Sometimes I just draw/make artworks just for the heck of it.. to kill the time and boredom.

4. How do you see your place in the arts and what are your main aims and hopes for yourself as an artist in the arts scene?

I really see no placement here of myself or isn’t categorizing me to any others. We all the same here as a wonderful human being who does so many things to make this life possible. I love people in general and I do support each other as best as I can. But if you know how do I see it at the moment. Still emerging!

My main hope?  I’m a simple man. I just want to be up there that’s all.I just want to achieve my dreams to be successful artist (In Art and Music) and not a starving artist. If I do achieve my success, that means I can help as many people as long as I live on this earth. For me, I love to share.

5. Has this influenced your art or your goals in life in any way?

Yes indeed.. my passion has always been the fuel to spark my motivation. I will never stop before I get what I want..which that would be my dreams. Even though if I fail in the end at least I’ll die trying.

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Singapore Contemporary Young Artists Project (SCYA) is a non-profit Art Society that highlights Contemporary Art by Young Artists in Singapore through several platforms in exhibitions, websites, talks, workshops & commissioned services. SCYA was initiated by Jacquelyn Soo who is an artist, curator and director for SCYA. SCYA has over 10 members in the society contributing ideas, activities to support the organisation. SCYA represents up to 70 Singaporean/PR Artists in their works. SCYA launched their first project in Nov 2008 with a website collaboration with FIVEFOOTWAY that featured 23 Contemporary Young Artists Portfolios on an interactive website. Since then, SCYA have had several collaborations and events organised with corporations, government institutions, NGOS and education institutions, Please visit our website for more details: Like us on Facebook! Thank you!

3 comments on “SCYA Interviews Safrie Effendi, Artist Feature of the Month (May)

    May 10, 2012

    Amazing how much Safri has evolved in his art – very well done write-up too – many thanks.

  2. Alejandro Silva
    May 10, 2012

    Great write – great work.


  3. Irsani Damayanti
    May 10, 2012

    My son safrie,
    I am very proud of you and nothing I can say more as you always know all in my hurt. I would like to add that your grandmother also doing the same things as what you do but different kind of painting. She did not go to school but her hands and mind was inhereted to produce such a wonderful any flowers with her imagination in a canvas. She keep on doing it eventhough she was sick till she passed away. She left all her things to paint and I passed it to you. So, one day I hope you can also paint a nice flower on your own creation. You can combine old traditional without knowing education at all with your modern creation as what you doing it now. Well done. Always love you. Irsani

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