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WEYA 2012 Finalist Biographies


Alif Sufian bin Samsiyar // Photography

Synopsis/ Artist Statement

The constant toying of ready images and painting them with solvents and acids gives me fresh impetus to the whole idea of image-making. The urban landscape, an intricate and complex organic entity that shifts and shapes itself over time is the focus of my works.



Title of Artwork: “ionidized“ series 1 of 2

Year: 2009

Medium: C-Print

Dimensions: 297 × 420mm

Lee Lian Hao Benjamin // Photography


I am Singaporean student currently interning in Armistice Media, New York. When I first started photography, all I knew was the glitzy glamorous photographs of fashion photographers; anything beyond that I turned a blind eye. In the recent years, I’ve learnt to expose myself to different facets of photography and beyond, such as film and arts in general. And this has greatly influenced my recent works which some has indicated to me, a “cinematic touch”.

Artist Statement

I am interested in identity and absence. The idea of Self is such a curious thought. What defines us, who defines us, how are we defined, are constant motifs in my works. And what if we suddenly found ourselves losing the person/space/object that has defined our identity. How do we cope with the absence that defined you? These are my fears expressed visually.

Artworks Synopsis

On the surface, this series is a documentary of adolescent youths in their rooms. Their gazes are adverted, looking out the window and beyond. And in their respective “window frames”, an artificial landscape is constructed using found images online. What will be constructed then? The constructed landscape will be based on the interviews I will have with them, asking them to describe a place they have not been to but would like to go. This series aims to reflect two points. One is the entrapment by familiarity of our surroundings. Singapore is so small that as Singaporeans, there is a dearth of novelty or “strangeness” in our surroundings. We are estranged by utter familiarity. Another point I am making is how the Internet is then a manner in which Singaporean youths escape or perceive the world beyond. But the irony is that this dream is an artificial construct nonetheless.


Title of Artwork: Stock Photos

Year: 2010

Medium: Photography; Digital Inkjet Print

Dimension: A0

Title of Artwork: Stock Photos

Year: 2010

Medium: Photography; Digital Inkjet Print

Dimension: A0

Foo Wen Xin // Photography

 Biography/ Artist Statement

Foo Wen Xin was born in Singapore in 1990, and is currently studying Diploma in Digital Visual Effects and Animation. She is attracted to the philosophy behind Chinese painting and this has heavily influenced the visual construction of “Dismantled”. In the midst of the obsessively aligned items, one can spot random ink spots and twisted metal spring that was produced unintentionally due to the artist’s ignorance and enthusiasm to dismantle the items.

Some of the items shown were bought cheap from dying small stationary shops in Singapore that has been ironically resold as “vintage” items and marked up for an exorbitant price. The items chosen were based on what the artist saw in her house, and were cut, broken by hand or burnt for this series. She is most fascinated by the toothbrush after having to pull out the unassuming plastic bristles with pliers, and most surprised by the Lock and Key because it was the easiest to dismantle despite the cold, gold metal façade of the lock.

Artworks Synopsis

“Dismantled” showcases unassuming, daily objects that are dismantled into their individual parts to reveal the brainwork behind these tools.


Title of Artwork: Dismantled

Year: 2012
Medium: Digital Photography

Dimensions: Variable

James Khoo Hian Ze // Film (Narrative)

 Biography/ Artist Statement

James Khoo started out in the media industry as a production coordinator for a locally-commissioned docudrama series in 2006. After serving his national service in the Singapore Army, he went on to be production coordinator for another locally-commissioned documentary series in 2008. In that same year, James joined the Puttnam School of Film at LASALLE College of the Arts, taking up a degree in Film. During his time in school, he has written and directed two major short film projects, one a diploma level film, and another, a thesis film. Between his years of study, from 2008 to 2011, he has also been involved in several other film roles outside his school. He was involved as editor for the short film, Glances, which won ‘Best Foreign Film’ at the International Filmmaker Festival in Kent, UK. He also interned at Black Magic Design, a leading post-production house in the region. His Thesis film, Hentak Kaki had also recently won the Best Short Film award at the 24th Singapore International Film Festival.

Film Synopsis

Selected Film Festival

24th Singapore International Film Festival: Best Film Award – Singapore Short Film Category (2011)

Film Stills

Title: Hentak Kaki

Year: 2011

URL: (Password: 26767409)

Team Members: James Khoo Hian Ze (Writer/Director), Tarini Singh (Producer), Saravanan Sam (Cinematographer), Alicia Lim (Editor/Sound Designer), Kartini Saat (Production Designer), Anwar Wu (Sound Recordist)

Jesslin Zhou Hui Fen // Photography

Biography/ Artist Statement

An art director of her life.

Based in Singapore, Jesslin Zhou’s photography is often a reflection about her perception, beliefs, and interaction with the world she lives in. Life itself is bifurcated with choices and attitudes that are contradicting yet complementing so her subjects often evolve around the ambiguity between spaces, objects and identities.

Artwork Synopsis

WO MEN/ 我们 is a series of female portraiture as well as a perception of her life in Singapore. In a country where capitalism is in favor and bilinguality is elementary, this series of photos explore on the identity of Chinese female living and embellished with modern commodities yet striving to preserves the eroding traditional values of her ethnic and gender.



Kamarulzaman Bin Mohamed Sapiee



Biography/ Artist Statement

Kamarul is a non-award winning indiscipline artist from sunny Singapore. His next sentence in his bio will not describe anything about his recent achievements or success but instead, ends like this. He’s into writing, filming, photography, fine arts, poetry, rubbish, graphic design and pretty much anything he can handle, just not all at the same time. Currently serving his nation right now at the moment, Kamarul is thinking ways to explore more into his craft and be a better artist.

Kamarul believes in having fun in creating his art. At the same time, it has to be thought provoking, unique, different and personal. Marrying one medium to another to become a piece of art has always been Kamarul’s interest. The journey to the end process is always important as that’s the part where the artist will always remember but not the viewer/audience.

Artworks Synopsis

Facial Codes deals with the artist memory of his past, present and its near future. It explores how a flat 2D piece of work has more than meets the eye. By superimposing the QR codes in the people’s faces, the artist shares his memory but in an undisclosed manner, with those who want to read it may able to do so with a scanner.
This works also challenges the audience to see beyond a 2D artwork into 3D by interacting with the QR codes on the faces. The transfer of one medium to the other also allows the audience to bring back home the message the artist is trying to convey on their mobile phones.



Title of Artwork: Kindergarten (Facial Codes series)

Year: 2011

Medium: Photograph

Dimension: 50cm x 70cm

Marc Daniel Nair // Spoken Word

Biography/ Artist Statement

The world observed grounds the basis of the poems that Marc writes. Tropes of place and identity are constants in his negotiations of how poetry both encapsulates and explodes the written world. Marc’s practice of poetry takes him from page to stage, morphing his poetic voice accordingly. He has published two books of poetry and is working on a third collection due in late 2012. He has also been a regular poetry slammer for the past nine years and has represented Singapore at international slam events in Reunion Island and Paris, France. In addition, Marc works with his band, Neon and Wonder, to set his poems to music. Listen to their album based on his second book of poetry, Chai: Travel Poems, here:

Spoken Word Performances

Title: Cherry

Year: 2011

Spoken Word Video/ Audio URL:

Michelle Lim // Illustration, Printmaking

Biography/ Artist Statement

Michelle believes that nothing beats the experiences that are more genuine than personal history and the people connected with it. She finds the need to appreciate and maintain moments with life as records for keepsake.

Michelle is interested in personal history, culture and captures her memories and experiences typically in pen and ink. She is inspired by her travels and is fascinated by people and relationships, representing them in portraits and often applies the techniques of printmaking as an extension to her drawings.

Artwork Synopsis

The Straits Chinese, or the Peranakans’ existence at present is turbulent as their rich, vibrant culture faces an evolution of their customs and the diminishing use of their typical patois to adapt to modernity.  The dying community, which had acculturated various cultural elements into their ethnicity during their prime centuries ago, is now ironically undergoing re-acculturation to bring back its glory.

Still, the tedious lifestyles of the Peranakans in the yesteryears is not suited for modernity in the 21st century, to the extent that these descendents of the ethnic identity do not keep to the tradition as strictly as before, resulting in their progression to endangerment.

Hence, I am interested in putting these elements of old in the new context by illustrating my perspective of the traditional culture in Singapore today with the fusion of modern objects and influences, personal experiences and observations into Being Nyonya.  This series is a reflective, nostalgic experience in celebrating a unique local culture, that will involve disguise by my family members, as we “be” Nyonya.


Title of Artwork: Being Nyonya Series- Baba Boy riding the British Thoroughbred

Year: 2009

Medium: Pen, Chinese Ink, Acrylic on Coffee-stained Watercolour Paper

Dimension: 75 cm x 105 cm, framed

Muhammad Nuruddin Bin Ahmad Fuad (Dyn) // Photography

Biography/ Artist Statement

Muhammad Nuruddin (Dyn) is a multi-disciplinary artist. He is now currently working as a photographer and a graphic designer at Weson Corporation, Singapore. Dyn graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a Diploma in Fine Art and photography as his major. Dyn received the certificate of excellence in Dedicated Practice in recognition of outstanding performance in the demonstration of perseverance during the course of the Diploma in Fine Art program.

Dyn began his Fine Art journey as a graffiti artist. In his first graffiti competition, organized by Hugo Boss, he won first place and the work was exhibited at Bugis Junction in 2008. Apart from graffiti, he was getting involved with a lot of photography projects. In 2007, he was a finalist in Nikon’s Singapore Flyer Competition where his image was selected for the most innovative night shot award.  His very first group exhibition was exhibited at National Museum of Singapore as part of the opening ceremony of Greek Louvre Sculpture exhibition. He was featured in National Art Council (NAC) arts event, Noise Singapore twice in 2009 and 2011. Dyn did several commission works for companies like, Scering-Plough Translational Medicine Unit, Energy Studies Institute, Fight Works Asia and Punch Academy.

His biggest break was probably during his graduation showcase where his work titled “Night Walks at Tellytubby Land” was exhibited. Night Walks In Tellytubby Land was exhibited in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as part of Singapore Contemporary Photography Exchange project organized by 2902 Gallery and Annex Gallery. Night Walks at Tellytubby Land has been receiving lots of response that it was exhibited at Nanyang Gallery, Mandarin Gallery Orchard Road, Singapore featuring some of the best works from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts graduating students. It was later then exhibited at Singapore F1 Pit Building for the Affordable Art Fair Singapore art Showcase. In 2011, Night Walks at Tellytubby land was exhibited at Lim Hak Tai Gallery, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts for the Genius Flagship Exhibition reference to the solid foundational training of NAFA’s curriculum, and gathers the core of NAFA’s contemporary artistic production.

In most of his works, Dyn began photographing a piece of photograph by looking at things that he see’s everyday in life. Most of his works derives from landscapes and long exposure photography. He wants his audience to see his works through having a thought about reality and imaginary in this world we are living in where everything is fast paced. He wanted to show the curiosity and interesting qualities a particular space has.

Artwork Synopsis

I have always been obsessed with the night. I have somehow found peace and tranquillity when I am doing my work during the night. This space is located at the northern part of Singapore and the locals around that area call the space ‘Tellytubby Land’ due to its hilly qualities this space has. Tellytubbies is a children television series which caters to young kids or toddler and the place there these Tellytubbies stay have similar landscape qualities to what the space I am exploring. Since the space is very far from the busy streets, it has this calm and quiet feeling thus providing me with meditative calmness. This project is also a documentation of the space before the land will be used for a future community centre project.

As a regular observer of the space, I have always been intrigued with certain areas having different shadow casts on the land. Since it is at night, I am very sure a lot of people won’t notice hidden physical characteristics of the space. Through photography, I am able to fuse together “night” and “light” into a body of work.

In this project, lights are used to show my involvement in the space as I am walking and leaving my trails behind. I used lights as a form of navigation and illumination when I am walking and leaving my trails behind. I used lights as a form of navigation and illumination when I am in the space. “Tap Lights” are strapped on the top part of my shoes and through long exposure of up to 9 minutes in average; I am able to show my interaction with the space by walking.

I am inspired by Richard Long’s landscape photographs, where “nature has always been recorded by artist”. For him, walking itself has a cultural history, from Pilgrims to the Wandering Japanese poets, the English Romantics and the contemporary long distance walker. The way he defined art was through walking; since it provided him an ideal mean to explore relationships between time, distance, geography and measurement.

Exploring this space has opened my eyes to even more overlooked spaces that are worthy of our attention. I consider my landscapes as my body having qualities like physical and mental, similar to portraits of people-each frame reveals a particular physical and psychological characteristic.


OFFCUFF // Performance

Wu Jun Han/ Mohamad Riduan/ Shahila bte Baharom/ Bani Haykal


OFFCUFF is a multi-disciplinary collective focusing on live audio-visual performance based on improvisations. The collective formed in conjunction with Singapore Night Festival 2010 to explore sound and visual improvisations, merging both analog and digital elements in live performance. OFFCUFF has performed and collaborated with various artists and is presently working on new materials for a full-length performance project.

Artist Statement

As a collective, we seek to rethink the notion of improvisation by weaving audio and visual components. By exploring various techniques, concepts and devices, our aim is to focus on aural and visual cohesion and generating content through structured improvisation. Our work seeks to address the visceral and traverse the borders of the conscious and the subconscious.

Performance Synopsis

“book #2” is a multi-disciplinary improvised performance piece consisting of 2 visual projections (video and overhead projectors) and 2 sound components. The performance integrates videos taken from various sources on and off-line, coupled with those shot by video artist, Jun. the overhead projections acts as an orchestrator for the ensemble, providing structural reference for both video and sound.

The performance explores the use (or lack off) lights and sound to generate momentum, expressing the relationship of creator and creation, symbolizing the growing nature of content creation in the modern world.

Performance Still

Title of Artwork: book #2

Year: 2012

Pang Yoong Hui (Ray) // Film (Narrative)

Biography/ Artist Statement

“The Team” is about teamwork and faith.
We grew as a nation and not individuals, even family members have differences on different subject matters but what is important is that we worked together towards our goal.
Football will always be a universal language and Singapore’s number one sport is still football.
Singapore is known as a racial harmony country, which works together to translate the power of a united group.
What most people don’t know about Singapore is that people often differentiate people base on races and countries. It is evident and through records, whenever we encounter a crisis, we always stand as one to overcome every obstacle together.

Film Synopsis

The Team is a short film about kids in Singapore who loves soccer, in regardless of race or background. Set in the 90s, when our national football team is made up of multi- racial players that bring glory to Singapore as a nation. It’s not about who we are, but what are we that matter.

Selected Film Festivals

Overall Best Film Award – CINE65 2011
Best Editing Award – CINE65 2011
(Also nominated for: Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Sound Design, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Favorite Film)

Film Stills

Title: The Team

Year: 2011

Venue of Screening (if any): Cine65, Broadcasted in Starhub channels and mediacorp channel 8, 5 and GV cinemas across Singapore.

Wang Chen Ying Rebecca // Installation

Biography/ Artist Statement

Food, shelter and sex are undeniably the basic necessities of living things, but they are certainly insufficient for a satisfactory life for human beings. We grapple with our identity, struggle with relationships, and examine our surroundings. Although our survival does not pivot upon the intangible feelings and thoughts, abject nonchalance of them may lead to a potentially unfulfilled existence. Part of my practice was focused on the social landscape of Singapore via the medium of photography. Although people and society in different countries still intrigue me, I find my practice shifting to other themes and mediums, which includes incorporating personal emotions and relationships, whilst still remaining relevant to the wider world.

Artwork Synopsis

The work stems from the melancholy in dealing with human relationships, and contemplation of deaths and funerals.

During the first autumn in her life, the artist made a delicate coffin for an ordinary leaf with upmost tender and love only to discover at the end of the day the leaf only cares for the last (and hopefully never ending) goodbye from the light. Yet once again, the relationship is not equal as the light continues to travel in straight paths infinitely regardless of the death. Knowing the longings of the leaf, the artist could not bear to close the lid of the coffin, which would separate it from its love forever.


Title of Artwork: Untitled (The Leaf And The Light)

Year: 2011
Dimensions: 40cm (L) x 60cm (H) x 23cm (B)

Shah Rizzal Bin Wan Hussain // Film

Biography/ Artist Statement

Bold and analytical, he brings to the table a balanced mix of creativity and determination. He is enterprising, fresh with new ideas. He is willing to take risks but at the same time never compromising the quality of his work. He is self-taught in the use of aerosol paint as his primary medium of communication before his formal arts education in Lasalle College of the Arts with a Ba(Hons) in Fine Arts. The street is his inspirational gallery as art to him is a way of a communicable visual experience that relates to its surroundings and as a form of comment or a critique of the present state. He is also self-reliant; where he lacks in knowledge, he is able to make up with his willingness to learn and accept new ideas.

Loves reading and writing, enjoys being in the outdoors. Has a keen interest in photography, filmmaking, music making, sculptures and anything related to the arts, history, literature and socio-politics. He also loves imparting his experiences to his peers. Having worked in youth events involving the dissemination of the healthier aspects of graffiti art for the past decade and other forms of arts – related endeavors, he has developed an interest in art critique and various archival techniques


Tay Questal // Installation

 Biography/ Artist Statement

My works are fundamentally about the sensation, rhythm, movement, feeling, and touch involved during the art making. They are almost like a regression to primal experiences; longing for warmth associated with things that have a ‘human touch.’ Thus, my methods are often deliberately tedious and repetitive and the emphasis is usually on my work processes.

At the same time, my works also embody concepts of estrangement and our struggle to connect with one another in an isolating world. In that sense, my processes are usually reflections of a kind of obsession with love, death, heartache, longing and intimacy. However, my works are not about love and relationships per se, but a devotion with the minutia of everyday life.

Art for me, is a spiritual expression with a certain kind of sincerity, an emotional catharsis in that sense. I believe there is hope within us and my works are about allowing that celebration of sensation to come through and to help foster an understanding of a collective experience.


Title of Artwork: 22:21

Year: 2011

Medium: Mixed media (paper, cardboard, thread)

Dimensions: 363cm x 244cm x 244cm (approx.)


Denise Hughes Yap // Installation

Biography/ Artist Statement

Predominantly using self-portraiture, my images are a way of coming to terms with unresolved emotional and identity issues.

Mainly intuitive, my photographs are hardly planned beyond what props are required. Alone with a camera and a tripod, it is then time to begin my personal performance for none other than myself. In this intimate way of photographing, my portraits become psychological landscapes.

Regeneration began as a process to immortalize the memory of my mother after she passed away in 2005, following a 5-year struggle with cancer.

Toeing the line between self-absorption and the grieving process was a tricky one. I treated each image as an expression of an emotion related to my experience of loss. Taken mostly in my home where my mother passed on, these self-portraits served as a performative catharsis. Alone with my camera, I felt free to express my grief without fear of judgment.

LOCATION : Lakeside or New Art Exchange


Title of Artwork: Regeneration 03

Year: 2009

Medium: Photography / Inkjet prints

Dimensions:  24 X 34

Lee Jing Yan // Spoken Word

Biography/ Artist Statement

I only got started in Spoken Word Poetry last year, so I still consider myself quite new to this art form. I started writing my own poetry around April, and performed in my first Poetry Slam in July. It happened to be the Singapore National Poetry Slam 2011, organised as part of the LitUp Festival, in which I was crowned champion, to my surprise. Since then, I’ve been asked to perform at other spoken word events, such as the Singapore Writer’s Festival and the Writing the City event organised by the British Council.  It has been an exciting few months for me, and my next performing gig will be at the SPORE Art Salon on January 31st.

As for my opinions on the Spoken Word form itself, I believe I’ve always had interests in creative writing and theatre, both of which of only really converge recently, in Spoken Word. People say Spoken Word is a very niche medium of art, but I would disagree. What could be more accessible than a guy going up on stage to talk about his experiences or tell stories? I believe Spoken Word has the ability to be much more accessible than written poetry, especially in the YouTube generation we have today, where videos and recordings can go viral and reach thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people in a short span of time.


Name of Poet: Lee Jing Yan

Title: Cindy

Year: 2011

Spoken word video/audio link :

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