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HDB Heartland Ambassadors Community Sculpture – Painting Workshop

SCYA embarked on the second instalment of a collaboration project with Housing Development Board (HDB) two weeks ago with the Heartland Ambassadors from various Primary and Secondary School students from all over Singapore for the HDB Community Sculpture project. The multimedia sculpture includes interesting collaboration of pieces and works of sound, photography and paintings done by Primary and Secondary School students involved in the Heartland Ambassadors Program. (The sound workshop was conducted on 22nd December 2012 while the photography workshop was conducted on the same day as the painting workshop.)

A total of 68 students from 7 different Primary Schools came together last Monday, 18 March to walk around the bustling heartland of Toa Payoh Central on Monday morning to gain new inspirations on their illustrations of nature, people and buildings of the neighbourhood.

SCYA had Jacquelyn and our artists – Fyerool and Denise Tan, along with ourselves as assistants, to facilitate the 40 minute walk across parks, shops and roads under the glistening afternoon sun. The students were brought around to the park nearby, bustling shophouses and various spaces within Toa Payoh Central to explore on various themes of nature, people and architecture of the heartland.



Heartland Ambassadors walking around Toa Payoh Central to explore on interesting perceptions of nature, people and architecture.

Volunteering to help out with the drawing workshop conducted for HDB was a fun and eye-opening experience. The workshop made us feel delighted that the practise of arts is now  becoming easily accessible to young people through community projects such as this.

We also felt that the topic of ‘My Town, My Dream Communities’ was a fascinating focus for students to explore on their observation skills of their neighborhood as well as their surrounding. During this workshop, the students surprised us with their unique and interesting sense of perspective on the neighborhood.


Students fascinated by the big plasma screen in Toa Payoh Hub showing advertisements.

By the end of the workshop, the students had to produce a variety of drawings depicting their dream home inspired by what they saw and heard during their walk around the neighbourhood. As we walked around checking on their drawing progress, some of them commented that their drawings were not good enough, and that they were not able to draw as well as the artists did during their demonstrations. However, as we facilitated them to explore on what their dream home may be, they went with their inspirations and created artworks that impressed both their peers and the artists.




Fyerool, Denise Tan and Jacquelyn Soo giving a demonstration on drawing and colouring buildings, people and nature respectively.

One of the conversations with the students that really stood out for us was when a student told us that she didn’t want to add in people in her painting because there were too many people around her – so much so that a lot of greenery is being compromised to make way for more people. She wanted more greenery around so that people would breathe in less polluted air, and be healthier.


Students enjoying the use of different mediums to create their artworks, such as watercolours, pastels and oil crayons, to experiment and create different layers and textures which made their artworks look interesting and imaginative.

Having gone through this experience, the workshop had opened our perspective to how the arts can facilitate a relationship between people and the community. We are hopeful future generations will be creative in taking ownership of the place they live in, and be a part of the changing their community.

Special thanks to:
Heartland Ambassadors
(from Bukit View Primary, Chongfu Primary, Hua Min Primary, Kheng Cheng Primary, River Valley Primary and Xin Min Primary),
Jacquelyn Soo, Fyerool and Denise Tan.

Written by Elizabeth Kow and Sulaihah (SCYA Volunteers).

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