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Three Day Paper Making Class at St James’ Church Kindergarten

It was my pleasure to be invited to conduct a three day recycled paper making class at St James’ Church Kindergarten from 21 July to 23 July for two classes, one in the morning and one on the afternoon, with a total of about 60 students. This is a first in terms of teaching a  complete process over a stretch of three days compared to a usual three hours.

Day One
The students were introduced to paper making and were shown the various materials for paper making, as well as bringing about awareness to them on how important the use of paper materials are in their daily routines. They were then tasked to start preparing materials to make recycled paper. The children were given egg trays and fruit trays to tear up and soak for the next day.


Day Two
After the materials were in water for a night, the children felt the raw materials before and then after it was blended up and mixed thoroughly with water in the vats. Then comes the entire sheet forming and couching process, and when all were done making their sheets, everything was pressed and squeezed dried between a homemade press, and all the sheets were laid in the sun to dry. The weather was good and the paper dried in two hours under the


sun, just in time for the next day’s class.

Day Three
Today was a recapitulation of the steps of the paper making class for the things done over the last two days. They were then shown a video of how Japanese handmade paper was made, and were shown the minute differences in materials and processes, most importantly,  how arduous and tedious the full process could get. The children were then given their dried sheets of recycled paper, and the teachers have decided that they could make their own notebook cover and homemade notebooks with them.



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