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The Workout Kelong with Sengkang West CCC PassionArts@Anchorvale CC

IMG_20161027_213525_HDR.jpgThe Workout Kelong is a one of a kind (and probably first of its kind in PassionArts) interactive installation piece situated at the Viewing Deck of the Sengkang Riverside Park next to Anchorvale CC’s Water Sports Centre.

Earlier this year, discussions went on and a simple concept plan was made by Syamil Dasuki and Billy Soh. It consists of bicycles, rafts and solar power. The plan was to be simple enough for some backyard engineering to be done with common materials and some recycled materials, the installation delivers motion, lights and sounds on interaction.

Due to the nature of this work, engagement was done with School of Engineering, Republic Polytechnic’s staff and students. Residents’ participation included bicycle donations and some recyclable material gathering, as well as recorded performances made on a rhythm-making walk around the neighbourhood, featuring a resident of the neighbourhood, Mr Amit Gilboa.IMG_20161108_090423.jpg

After months of clearing permits, materials were gathered and some were sourced and purchased, and some custom made.

Here we see materials being prepared, the bark getting stripped off the bakau poles and arranged into formation with the jerrycans.


The A-frame for the water wheel with its placewheel in place is first constructed.

The floating base was was being tested live, with a two-person load consisting of Yang Jie and Billy (because both of them are the heaviest) at East Coast Park. This sure drew a lot of stares, as if it were unimaginable clandestine activities are being carried out in the bright daylight. It could take some 20cm waves easily.


The actual A-frame and actual wheel assembled, with pump assembly and hose and loudhailer.


Being assessed for anchoring points. Back in the classroom. The actual wheel had to take a rest due to the height of the ceiling.


With part of the team from RP School of Engineering

The LED assembly being tested.


RP engineering students doing testing and programming



The ground module arrives from INDC at the viewing deck. This will be where all the interaction and bike riding happens.

Soft-Launch day.

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-13 at 15.21.10.jpeg

The finished work, is a playful and quirky installation, reminiscent of life and work on a kelong, launched by our very own PM Lee–in his own words “a bit confusing, but very sustainable.”

Images shown in this post are provided by courtesy of Syamil, Billy, the RP team consisting of Eugene Tham, Liu Chee Fui, Loh Hui Ling, Sheryl Lee, and Jamie of PA and MCI

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