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SCYA interviews Mithila Jariwala, Artist Feature of the Month (March)

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

>> I am a Photographer. I am originally from India. I have been living in Singapore for almost two and half years. Professionally I work as a photojournalist and my work requires me to play around with several cameras and related equipment. But to me camera is just a tool to convey your message. What motivates and inspires me is observation interpretation and creation.

  1. How did art get into your life? What kind of artist are you?

>> I am a photographer. Photography has been a passion of mine for the past few years. It has been an interesting journey. I did not always want to be a photographer. I was living in a cocoon till I was 18. It is when I first stepped out of my country and lived and traveled abroad by myself, is when I discovered my perception towards things. My curiosity towards life, people, places and things led me to take up photography. Photography is also a medium through which I like to portray my feelings and state of mind.

3) Who or what is your inspiration?

>> I believe in the power of perception, which is unique in every individual. And my inspiration to capture images is to portray my perception and my state of mind. I also use photography as a medium to create awareness.


  1. How do you see your place in the arts and what are your main aims and hopes for yourself as an artist in the arts scene?

>> At the moment my work is a lot about documentation of my observation and depiction of my sensitivity.

My aim is to explore my boundaries, to go out there and be surprised. Traveling and exploration plays a very big role in my work. My main aim and hope is to create work that makes a difference and that creates responsiveness.

5.   Has this influenced your art or your goals in life in any way?

>> This has definitely influenced my art and goals in life. In fact my art and my goals revolve around my photography.

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